CST 251 – REIFENHÄUSER CPP Film Line overhauled 2010 & 2017



3-5 Layers – Film width 3.000 mm
CPP, Stretch, Barrier film, PA, PE, EVOH

Year: overhauled in 2010 AND 2017
Number of layers: 3 to 5
Overhaul/renovation: New Auto thermal bolts installed from Reifenhauser,
New Automatic thickness control unit installed.

Film structure: Material: CPP, STRETCH, BARRIER FILM, PA ,PE,
EVOH in different combination.
Film width (mm): 3000
Net Output (Kg/h): 600 kg / hour
Extruder 1 Layer ref: Screw diam: 180mm
Extruder 2 Layer ref: Screw diam: 90mm
Extruder 3 Layer ref: Screw diam: 90mm

Head description: Head automatic. REIFENHÄUSER 3500mm width

Chill roll unit: Yes, Cast Roll Diameter 1000 mm, Spare Cast roll available

Corona treatment: 1 side ENERCON 12 KW, 2ndSide AFS 25KW 2 Panels
(Panel needs repairing), max. reel diam. (mm): 800

Rewinder description: Automatic Turret is possible up to 900mm Roll Diameter

Additional Information:
5 tons Silos 5 in number for Material Storage,
Air knife and Vacuum Box,
E+L Oscillation,
2 Trim Grinding units,
Online Trim Recycling system,
Roll Removal System,
Extruder Motors BAUMÜLLER,
extruder drive Siemens,
Line Motors and Drives BAUMÜLLER,
Siemens S7 PLC system, S5 on the winder,
Automatic Water temperature Control Unit


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